Karen Gardner

Dr. Gardner, Executive Director of Training and Organizational Development for ManTech University, is an accomplished professional in developing e-Learning solutions in higher education, government and corporate educational settings. She is a hands-on learning professional with working knowledge of end-to-end learning processes. She spent a career as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with her last assignment teaching the FBI's future generation of Agents and Analysts. Facing this new assignment, she went back to the classroom and pursued a Master's and Doctorate from the University of Virginia. After retiring from the FBI in 2006, she worked as a goal-oriented instructional design professional in the intelligence community, with significant and progressive curriculum development expertise interacting with people and teams in instructional settings. She came to ManTech in 2010, and was key in designing and executing a learning strategy that was recognized in 2011 with the "Learning Elite" award from Chief Learning Officer Magazine.