Below is a list of all presentations and links to the available files for the 8th Annual Innovations in e-Learning Symposium. As more files are received, they will be uploaded to the web site.

eLearning Symposium Keynotes and Selected Videos
eLearning Symposium iTunesU Selection Speakers
Tuesday, June 5, 2012 Workshops
Workshop A - Social Media Analytics Stephane Hamel Available
Workshop B - The Collaboratory Exercise Mr. David Coleman Available
Workshop C - Google Workshop for Higher Educators Dr. Christopher Craft Available
Workshop D - iPad Workshop for Learning Leaders Sharon McCarthy Available
Workshop E - The Online Rogue Professor Dr. Dan Quigley Available
Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Learning in an Era of So-Lo-Mo Enterprise Dr. Tony O'Driscoll Available
Balancing Training Evaluation Impact with Business Outcomes: Why Hard ROI Numbers Distract Your Boss from the Real Value You Add to the Organization Kenneth Reynolds & Alena Nikitsina Available
Building Online Learning Communities with Multiuser Blogging Environments Prof. Michael Wilder Available
Fill the Gap: Mobile First Rebecca Clark Available
Getting Lost in a 3D Virtual World: Selecting and Evaluating Appropriate Virtual Worlds for Learning Dr. Karl Kapp Available
The Special Sauce of Social Learning Dr. Marc J. Rosenberg Available
7+/-2 Things Learning Professionals Need to Know About Analytics Ellen Wagner Not Available
Applying Learning Science at Scale Bror Saxberg Available
Organizational Leadership Capability - Knowing What Leadership Investments You Need J. Keith Dunbar Available
Avoiding Ready. Fire. Aim with a Mobile Learning Strategy Christopher King Available
Recommendations for Designing Learning Events in 3D Virtual Worlds Dr. Lee Taylor-Nelms, Trey Reyher Not Available
Analytics: Sensemaking, Prediction, Performance Dr. George Siemens Available
Examining Interaction and Immediacy Behaviors in Distance Education Kathy Bohnstedt & Marci Kinas-Jerome Available
The Federal Government and Social Media: Agencies are Doing WHAT?? Elizabeth D. Hochberg Available
Innovation & The Competitive Edge Rovy Branon Not Available
Working Smarter in Networks Dr. Harold Jarche Available
Innovative Use of a Community of Practice (CoP) in an On-line Course! Ivan Teper Available
Learning Analytics: The Holy Grail of Social Media Karine Joly Not Available
Informal Learning in the Intelligence Community with IntelliMedia Ben Bonnet & Kevin Knowles Available
Fostering an Innovation Culture in the Federal IT Marketplace Mary Davie Available
Enculturating Innovation: Changes in Design Process and Identity as Perceived by Instructional Designers After Graduate Study Dr. Brenda Bannan, Jesse Ortel & Michelle Dunham Not Available
Mobile Learning is so 10 Minutes Ago: Mobile Performance is NOW Prof. Rich Mesch Available
Data Changes Everything Phil Ice Not Available
Meta-Moderated Course Design & Management Joe McCahill & Dr. Nada Dabbagh Available
Facilitating Innovation: Leveraging Technology Dr. Clark Quinn Available
Tablets in the Classroom Prof Darrell Van Hutten Available
Virtual World Interventions that Work Karen Cooper, Ph.D Available
Thursday, June 7, 2012
Closing the Talent Gap with e-Learning Mr. Mitchell Kapor Available
A Social Media Marketer Guide to Online Course Design Karine Joly Not Available
Continuing the Learning With Social Media Laura Mattis & Christopher King Available
The Future of the Training Department Dr. Harold Jarche Available
Staying Connected to Course Graduates; An Experiment in using Social Media and Executives Prof S. "Dusty" Schilling & Ivan Teper Not Available
The 2012 Gaming State of Affairs Dr. Alicia Sanchez Not Available
The Performance Ecosystem: Merging Formal and Informal Learning Dr. Clark Quinn Available
Communities of Practice Put into Practice Leslie Wallington & Marybeth Galvin Not Available
Harnessing Your Creative Self JR Delaney Available
Twitter Goes to School Mark Oehlert Not Available
Making Ideas Reality: The TALL Experience Dr. Judith Hall Bayliss & Janine Leboeuf Not Available
Making the Most of Informal Learning Ms. Jane Hart Available
Effective Analytics Practices Dr. Shelly Metzenbaum - "Invited" Not Available
Knowledge Sharing & Social Media Using Immersive Learning Sabrina Christian & Jill Garcia Not Available
Collaboration Across Campus: The Harvard Experience Mr. Stephen Laster Not Available
Thinking Differently with Mobile Dr. Nancy Proctor Available
Innovative Distance Education: A New Twist on Service Delivery using Collaborative Techniques Kara Zirkle & Korey Singleton Available
Study Results: Failure-Triggered Training Trumps Traditional Training Daniel Harris Bliton & Charles Gluck Available
The Truth About Social Learning Dr. Jane Bozarth Not Available
eLearning or eWaste of my Time: Getting More Serious Games John Low Not Available
Enabling enterprise-wide eLearning development at the USDA John Rehberger & Joe Gorup Available
Learning on Demand: How Technology is Shaping the Future of Learning Reuben Tozman Not Available
From Funnel to Filter: Improving Results Courtesy of Learning and Development Tracy Bissette & Ian Huckabee Available
Internet Memes: Instructional Foundations & Strategies Faizan Mujeebuddin & Heather Stayrook Available
Business Acumen for e-Learning Professionals: Tie Your Initiatives to the Bottom Line Karen Gardner Available
S2 Operations Staff Simulations Darlene Smith & Gayla Thompson Available
Photeo-Powerful Visual Stories that Learners Remember Patti Shank & Steven Haskin Not Available